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February 19, 2017

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Binary options, strategy top traders uk – using binary options platform in iq option 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6L1JWZokgE

Hello, everyone! Today, I will tell you about one interesting and profitable strategy. This strategy is quite simple and easy-to-use.
For example, we have 900$. Let’s split them in 9 parts which will give us 100$ per bet to work with
Let’s take our first 100$ and bet them on any currency pair
In case of winning, we earn 190$. Our next bet should be equal to everything over our initial 900$ – 90$
The most simple math suggests that using this method we can double our deposit in only 5 bets
Now, I will show you how it actually works
Here is our 900$ deposit and we make our first 100$ bet. Now, we wait for the result. If we win, our winnings will be 190$. Everything over 900$ we are going to use for consecutive betting.
Now, we bet 90$ – this is the amount of money we earned. Use these 90$ to make another bet. Our goal is to win 5 bets in a row. This is a strategy allowing to yield 90% return on investment. We made a bet and wait for the result.
If we win, we earn 171$ meaning that our next bet will be 171$.
If we somehow lose, we will still have 9 “backup” moves worth 100$ each to return back to the initial deposit of 900$.
This strategy is fairly simple and effective allowing to quickly increase your deposit and receive considerable profits.
We made the bet and we wait for its closing. If we win, we receive 171$.
With only 900$ initially, I increased my deposit to 5400$ in one day.
Nice! We won! Now, we can make our next bet with 171$.
If we lose, we will have 9 bets 100$ each to return back to 900$ and start again. These 900$ is a buffer that prevents us from losing our investments completely. You can start with any sum.
For example, if you have $450 divide them into 9 parts and make 50$ bets instead.
Let’s wait for the result. Aaaand, we wi!
Now, I will make a 224$ since I want to increase my buffer up to 1000$. The higher your buffer, the more bets you can safely make.
All next bets will be equal to what’s over 1000$.
If we win, we receive $426. This is a strategy with a perspective and many traders use it to quickly increase the deposit.
So, we won 426$. Now, we are going to make a 426$ bet since my buffer now is 1000$
With the Martingale strategy we have to work hard and it certainly takes some time. With this strategy it takes only a day to double the deposit. I was able to make my deposit 6 times bigger in a day. However, it depends on how well you place bets.
This time, our bet didn’t bring any profit. This means we have to repeat the bet.
As you see, the strategy works wonderfully and we quickly increase our deposit. The whole method is much better than Martingale.
When you receive 100% return on your investments, you can start all over again, but use 1800$ as a buffer.
Before we had 900$, now we have 1800$. Let’s split them into 9 parts. Now, one bet is $200. We won once again! Great! This strategy is real and you can easily test it on a demo-account.
I hope, I was able to explain and demonstrate how this strategy works. If you have any questions, please use the comment section. If you liked this strategy, hit that “like” button. Subscribe to my channel and register at IQoption.
See you!

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